Ajdan Rise
Ajdan Rise: A Masterpiece in the Skyline of Al Khobar

Towering 130 meters into the sky, across 40 floors, Ajdan Rise combines luxury and comfort in perfect harmony.

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Ajdan Rise
Ajdan Rise: The Landmark for Lifestyle

Ajdan Rise combines contemporary styling, innovative design, and bespoke comforts to make every day a treat. While floor to ceiling glass windows keep you glued to the magical moments on the sea.

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Ajdan Rise
Ajdan Rise: A Place You'll Never Want to Leave

Each home at Ajdan is curated with bespoke and hand-picked international brands. From the floor to the furnishing, prepare to be surrounded by style, sophistication, and great vibes.

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IntroductionAjdan Rise
LuxuryAjdan Rise
LifestyleAjdan Rise

There’s something enchanting about pure elegance. At Ajdan, expressing exquisiteness is a design and architectural philosophy that runs through every mesmerizing detail of the building. Not surprisingly, Ajdan Rise is set to become the Al Khobar skyline’s crowning glory.

187 Apartments with splendid sea views
6,826 Sqm of total plot area
76,112 Sqm total built-up area
  • Wake Every Day into a Living Dream

    In Ajdan, the day always has a bright start with an unforgettable sunrise. Warm rays of gold nudge you gently from your sleep. Songs of beautiful seabirds and the sound of the calming waves replace alarm clocks.

  • Start the Day with a Smile

    A large comfortable bed, a great view and the bright sunshine wishing you a good morning, every day. Is there a better way to wake up?

  • Living Rooms to Live Life to the Fullest

    Comfort, luxury, and freedom are never compromised in any square foot at Ajdan. Every living room gives you and your family the space you deserve and yet invites you to spend beautiful moments together.

  • Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Hour Home

    Perfect for a lively party with friends or a cosy family movie night, Ajdan is what great memories are made of.

  • Bon Appétit

    Beautifully decorated with luxurious dining room furniture, every meal can feel like a fine dining experience. Perfect for a big family gathering or an intimate, romantic meal, your home will be your next favourite restaurant.

  • Comfort, Luxury and Freedom

    Prepare to be surrounded by style, sophistication, and great vibes. From floor to ceiling and every detail in between, every piece is hand-picked with your comfort and well-being in mind.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Each kitchen at Ajdan is curated with bespoke style and equipped with renowned international brands. The only question is, what mouthwatering dish will you serve first?

  • Details that Make Every Day Special

    Discover the opulent porcelain floors, designer interiors and other niceties from leading luxury brands, that have the magical ability to positively transform your routine.

  • Pools that Compete with the Sea for your Attention

    Even though the blue waters of the sea stretch lazily in front of you, we’ve slipped in a swimming pool on the eleventh floor to add to the height of luxury. Spend your day taking lovely laps or wind down with a swim at night under the moonlight.

  • Healthy bodies and healthy spirits

    At Ajdan, health and wellness is something we take very seriously. From tomorrow-ready fitness facilities to intricately designed spaces, we make sure your well-being is always looked after.

Adjan Rise

Take a look at where and how our lifestyle oasis will come to life.

Ajdan Rise Features

Because we know that 'home' means a lot more than just a roof over your head, there's more to Ajdan Rise than meets the eye.
We've put great emphasis on your vitality, work-life balance and personal well-being. After all, home is where your heart is.

3 kms of Life & Vitality

The beautiful, action-packed Corniche sits at the foot of Ajdan Rise and stretches 3kms in length along the Kingdom’s western seaboard. Out here, you can play your favourite sport or take a relaxing job to ease your mind and refresh your lungs with a natural sea breeze.

Relax your Body & Mind

Creating a place that boosts mental and physical health is one the key reasons behind designing Ajdan. Which is why The Spa at Ajdan is adorned with all the essentials to soothe away the daily stresses of everyday life and achieve a relaxed state of body and mind.

Your wealth is your wellness

At Ajdan, health and wellness is something we take very seriously. From tomorrow-ready fitness facilities to intricately designed spaces, we make sure your well-being is always looked after. In fact, we even have separate fitness centres for men and women. So now you and your family can stay in top shape under the expert guidance of professional trainers and in an atmosphere that is comfortable for all.

Features & Amenities

Private Parking
Drivers’ Rooms
Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools
Retail Shops
Spa, Massage & Steam Rooms
Playscapes for Kids
Male Fitness Centre
Female Fitness Centre
Security & Monitoring Office
Outdoor BBQ Areas
Event Hall
Front Desk/Concierge
Special Security Gates for Residents & Visitors

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